How do I measure myself for the waist beads or anklets?

Measuring with a tape measure:

  1. Place your measuring tape around your waist and exactly where you want your beads to sit. 
  2. Be sure to not suck in and relax your core. BE RELAXED!
  3. Make sure the measuring is not tight or loose while measuring.
  4. The number where the end of the measuring tape touches is your measurement. 

Measuring with a ruler and string:

  1. Wrap the string snugly around your body where exactly where you want your beads to sit.
  2. Cut the string where the two ends meet.
  3. Measure the string with a ruler and provide your measurements.

Am I allowed to wear waist beads?

BeadsbyMaji is an all inclusive brand for everyone. Our adornments are shared and made for everyone regardless of their background/identities. 

Care Tips & Instructions:

Each piece is put together with tons of love. Here is are some simple and easy tips to make your jewelry last you a lifetime!

  • Be gentle! Be sure to avoid excessively pulling or tugging on the ends of your jewelry.
  • Avoid waters with harsh chemicals and high amounts of salt.
  • When not in use, store your jewelry in a secure cool and dry place to avoid contact with moisture. Bacteria thrives in moist environments.
  • Showering with your jewelry is ok! Gently clean your pieces with warm water and mild soaps.